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Marble Surface


A determined college student created a business she knew one day would be responsible for building cultural museums and homes for people around the world. During the start of the unstable and uncertain economic system due to COVID-19,  Zinou made an investment in herself. Zinou’s experience of traveling around the world, going to countries such as India, Brazil, Ghana, France and many of the virgin islands is a big influence to her creative palette. Her vision is cultured modern elegance. With an associates degree in Cultural Anthropology it is important to Zinou to create a space that tells a story. ZinouInterior is always careful to find what is your equilibrium of livability, function, and art is to create the perfect space for you.

ZinouInterior was started in mid June of 2020.  ZinouInterior is a New York based interior and exterior home design business, creating a high end look from reusable material. We will cater to your needs to design, decorate or remodel your home. If you do or do not  know what you are looking for, We  will consult, collaborate, and create the perfect design for you. We offer consultations on our websites. We  have many upcoming projects, one of which is a beautiful 8 acre multi-family home. ZinouInterior will always provide sustainable alternatives for products and practices to our clients. 

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