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The Start of ZinouInterior

A determined college student created a business she knew one day would be responsible for building cultural museums and homes for people around the world. During the start of the unstable and uncertain economic system due to COVID-19,  Zinou made an investment in herself. Zinou’s experience of traveling around the world, going to countries such as India, Brazil, Ghana, France and many of the virgin islands is a big influence to her creative palette. Her vision is cultured modern elegance. With an associates degree in Cultural Anthropology it is important to Zinou to create a space that tells a story. ZinouInterior was started in mid June of 2020. ZinouInterior is a New York based interior and exterior home design business, creating a high end look from reusable material. ZinouInterior is always careful to find what your equilibrium of livability, function, and art is to create the perfect space for you. 

Image by Karly Jones
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Up and Coming

ZinouInterior is constantly working with clients on ongoing projects as well as undertaking new projects. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or interest in properties seen on the site. 

Multiple Family Home 

In the making...

This 8 acre property to start with one multi-family home. A minimum of 1,200 sp. ft.  This home will also feature a large living room surrounded by high windows, kitchen and bedroom as well as an attached  private studio for additional family members. This home will also feature a spacious wide open floor plan, large windows to take in the beautiful scenery and to take in light, redefining indoor outdoor living.  A beautiful, functional home for the entire family.


Kick it off

Whether you want a custom look book or if you simply would  like to discuss your project let us know!



Create initial concepts with your designer in order to find your style!


Planning the layout of your space, and choosing materials!

Get a design just for you

Finalize design and budget for home production in order to begin the remodeling filing process. 



Perfect Execution

Interior design of a studio ​apartment on the upper west side of Manhattan. This studio has been turned into a one bedroom while still providing a place that feels open and takes advantage of the light. A storage wall also used to showcase art, turns this studio into a simple modern home with touches of culture everywhere.

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